There are 5 Benefits to use Excel Table

Converting data into Excel Table is not easy and quick to implement but will save tons of time. Let’s discuss the benefits to use Excel Table:

    1. Better Formatting
    2. Filter Drop-Down Menus are Applied
    3. Automatic Formulas
    4. Total Rows
    5. Table Automatically Extends

There are two ways to make a table in Excel from the data set

    1. Select any cell of the data set then click on Table in the Insert menu
    2. Select any cell of the data set then press Ctrl+T from the keyboard

Excel Table

1.  Better Formatting

The rows are banned with alternating colors, making it easier to eye to track each row

Better Formating

You can change the color and style of the table by preset format, under the Table Styles section in Design Tab. Design Table will be visible by selecting any cell of the table, just click on it and change the style and color.

Better Formating_ Preset Format and style

2. Filter Drop-Down Menus Are Applied Automatically

When you create a table, each column automatically gets filter drop-down menus. This allows you to filter and sort your data quickly.

Filter Drop-Down Menus Are Applied

3. Automatic Formulas

If you add the formula to the right of the table, excel will automatically extend the table to the right to include it and add the formula to the other rows in the table.

Automatic Formulas

Sometimes you don’t want Excel Tables to auto-fill formulas. In this case, you can learn how to disable that feature here: How to Prevent or Disable Auto Fill in Table Formulas.

4. Total Rows

For every Excel Table, you have the option of turning on the Total Row feature. This option is found on the Table Design tab. The keyboard shortcut for adding the Total Row is Ctrl + Shift + T.

Total Rows

This will add a row that gives you a total for the rightmost column in the table. There are several calculation options to choose from in the drop-down menu for different metrics.

calculation options

5. Table automatically extends

Finally, if you add data to the bottom of the table, Excel will automatically extend the table to include the new rows.

Table automatically extends

So, Excel Tables are the best but sometimes Excel Table is not required and use range data instead.

I hope these tips were helpful!  Leave a question or comment below with the reasons you love Excel Tables and are excited to explore more about Excel Tools, Functions, and Formulas!


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